Flock is a location-based, multi-user, untethered VR experience made for large groups to interact in the same physical and virtual space. The experience is a lightly gamified music video designed to get people to move, shake and flock together. As they hunt and peck, participants become performers, both for each other and for the surrounding audience.

It is the largest simultaneous VR experience ever attempted and the highest volume VR experience put on at a festival. We had over seven hundred participants in three days.


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Flock at CVR

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Created by: David Lobser, Music by: Tim Fain and Julien Mier, Lead 3D Artist: Lily Fang, Code/UX: Christopher Romer, Sets and Costumes: Corinne Brenner, Project Management: Jessica Fiorini, Holojam Principals: Ken Perlin, Michael Gold, David Lobse, Holojam Team: Aaron Gaudette, Sebastian Herscher, Weibo Lan, Daniel Zhang, Scott Garne, Special Thanks: Peter Kellogg, Jess Bass, Katy Yudin, Laura Romans, Charles Melcher and the Future of Storytelling Festival