Love & Sprockets

Goodby approached me through Blacklist to do a short piece as part of a themed family of creative animations for their line of chips and dips (they are made for each other). I was humbled to be included in an amazing international line up of studios and artists working on this project. I was given bean dip to work on, the world was to be dark and brown and beany, the mood was to be slightly somber and heavy but hopeful in the end, when the two that are made for each other finally find each other.

Director: David Lobser
Client: Frito Lay
Title: Made for each other – Fireflies

Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners
Creative Directors: Rick Condos, Hunter Hindman
Art Director: Jessica Feeney
Copywriter: Alexandra Tyler
Agency Executive Producer: Amanda Cox
Agency Producer: Jonathan Percy

Production Company: Blacklist
Blacklist Executive Producers: Adina Sales, Aaron Kisner
Blacklist Producer: Karen Lawler
Animation Studio: Little Sister
Animation: Peter Richardson, Ian Brauner
Rigging: Gwen Murray, Yaron Canetti
Modeling: David Avetisov
Matte Painter: Kristian Merc