Bubblegum Love

Mtv approached me through Blacklist to help with an international rebranding. They saw "The Hunt" and wanted something with the same amount of innocent perversity. Mtv wanted to create imagery that reflected that giddy experience of falling in love for the first time in all its sticky glory.


I ‘invented’ deferred shading in Nuke

Credits: MTV World Design Studio Milan
Creative Director: Roberto Bagatti
Associate Creative Director: Anna Caregnato
Art Director: Carlos Carrasco
Producer: Cristina Mazzocca

Production Company: Blacklist
Director: David Lobser
Executive Producer: Adina Sales
Producer: Rachel Walchak
Associate Producer: Patrick Gantert

Animation Studio: HiFi 3D
Jon Dorfman, Szymon Weglarski
Artists:Jon Dorfman, Szymon Weglarski
Michael Sime, David Lobser, Krzysztof Fus

Sound Design: Music composed by: Alan Boorman