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Oceans VR: Title

The ocean covers nearly three-quarters of our planet’s surface area, playing a central role in supporting human health, societies, and economies. But the ecosystem and productivity of the high seas are in a cycle of decline. Mankind has a responsibility to act urgently to reverse this—and make fishing both fairer and more sustainable. Oceans VR: Net Positive makes the case for limiting fishing on the high seas, giving you a new perspective on this serious issue by putting you directly in the line of action—navigating the ocean as both fish and fisherman.

OceansVR: Net Positive debuted at the New York Film Festival at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center on October 1 and 2, 2016.

This 360 capture is from a VR experience which was designed to run in real-time on mobile devices.


  • Client The Economist
  • Economist Team Tom Standage, Miranda Johnson, Ron Diorio, Frank J. Andrejasich, Kel O’Neill
  • Director David Lobser
  • Technical Director Scott Garner
  • Producer Jess Fiorini
  • Lead 3D Artist Lily Fang
  • Lead Animator Henning Koczy
  • 3D Artists Craig Kohlmeyer, Elizabeth Ku-Herrero
  • Composer Matthew Dougherty
  • Sound Design Alyssa Menes
  • Special Thanks Omer Shapira, Aardman Nathan Love, Wenbo Lan