create your own vessel

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This project was built while I was a resident at SVA’s Visible Futures Lab.

Fused deposition modeling works on an "additive" principle. A plastic filament is unwound from a coil and layered upon itself to create three dimensional forms. Typically this process is used in service of the precise replication of (typically) polygonal geometry. The geometry is sliced and converted into G-Code.

For this series of prints I used Javascript to generate G-Code in a simplified and intentionally messy way. I dispensed with the need to ever create three dimensional models and instead treated the makerbot as a drawing device. I began with a simple spiral and then added layers of complexity, tuning and experimenting with each iteration.

The process was experimental in the sense that I couldn't be sure what the end results would be. I traced paths which intentionally did not overlap or create clean contours in the service of happy accidents. Sometimes the results look woven, sometimes they become tangled bird's nests, but they're always surprising.

Making Pots and Cutting Moths